Elections FFPE-EPO Committee 2016

At the time of closure of candidatures, 5 valid candidature forms have been received by the Election Committee. The names of the candidates in alphabetical order are: Andrey Afanasiev; Aldert Jan de Haan; Michiel Sonius; Samuel van der Bijl; Gyorgy Vida Elections will be held on Tuesday 19 April. Voting in person will be possible from 11:45-13:45 hours in Rijswijk (Location to be determined). If you are not able to vote in person, you can request to vote by post by sending a mail to the Election Committee. The Election Committee will send you envelopes and a voting slip. Do not delay this too long, as postal votes have to be received by the Election Committee not later than Friday 15 April Candidates can start campaigning from 6 April onwards. Friday 15 April is the last day that campaigning is allowed. The Election Committee