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January 24th

FFPE-EPO - Providing the EPO with a different view

What is the FFPE-EPO?

  • FFPE-EPO is a union in the EPO, The Hague branch.
  • FFPE-EPO stands for Fédération de la Fonction Publique Européenne of the European Patent Office
  • FFPE-EPO is affiliated with our European umbrella organisation the FFPE (Fédération de la Fonction Publique Européenne), a European federation founded in 1962.

FFPE Committee

The FFPE Committee is since Februray 2016 composed of the following members:

Marleen Kroeders: Chairman;
Aldert de Haan: Treasurer;
Patrick Kools: Secretary;

November 30th, 2008

First Meeting, 2nd April 2008

During our first informational meeting held on April 2nd 2008, the Chairman of the FFPE-EPO  presented several key points of our new union to a captive audience.

This presentation is available in the area of this website restricted to EPO staff


Membership of FFPE-EPO is open to :

  • anyone employed as functionary of the European Patent Office
  • retired functionaries of the European Patent Office

If you wish to join the FFPE-EPO, fill in and return to us the following application form.

Current membership fees are set at eur 40,- for grades G1-G9, and eur 80,- for others. Pensioners pay a reduced fee of € 20,-.



The FFPE-EPO is an association registered under Dutch law with the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague. As such, our statutes are registered with a notary public.

An unofficial English translation of the statutes can be found here.


November 25th


Our policy is currently focussed on six main topics:
  • Unions, Staff Representation & Social Partner
  • Pensions & Salaries
  • Legal Security and Equal Treatment
  • Patent quality
  • Health & Safety
  • European School

You can find a more detailed exploration of these key issues here, in the part of our website restricted to EPO staff.